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I was at the park the other day and one of other dogs kept bothering my dog. The dog’s owner saw what was going on but did nothing. What should I do if this happens again?

There is a wide range in dog play styles: some dogs play rough, growling and snapping as they play; some include humping behavior in their repertoire; some dogs, especially energetic puppies between 6 and 12 months of age, don’t seem to know when to stop. One of the things dogs learn at a dog park is that different dogs play differently. Sometimes owners who are not used to these different play styles mistake play aggression for true aggression. If the other dog is showing true aggression toward your dog remove your dog from the area and notify park staff of the situation. Aggressive dogs (dogs who attack other dogs with the intent to harm them) are not welcome at Shaggy Pines. If the other dog is simply playing in a style that your dog is uncomfortable with, you have several options: (1) move your dog to another park of the park, (2) give your dog a chance to see if he can figure out how to handle the situation himself.

Do I need to worry about my dog getting fleas at the park?

Shaggy Pines management does not expect to have a problem with fleas at the park. The park covers a large area (14 acres) and much of it is in the sun – these conditions are not conducive to flea reproduction. We do strongly recommend using flea and heartworm preventatives as part of your pets health maintenance program.

Do I need to worry about my dog getting a disease at the park?

When someone signs a membership application one of the rules they are agreeing to is to not bring their dog to the park if it is sick. Another rule they are agreeing to follow is to keep their dog up-to-date on its shots. Proof of the following vaccinations are required to join Shaggy Pines:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Dog Influenza (2 part vaccine)
  • Distemper
  • negative fecal exam

Maintaining these vaccinations will help insure a healthy park environment.

At what age can a puppy be brought to the park?

We leave that decision up to you and your vet, because there are two ways to view this. It is very important for puppies to be socialized around other people and other dogs during their first few months of life – so you want your pup to get as much exposure to strange, new things as possible, but at the same time, it takes time for a puppy to build up immunity to diseases such as parvo and distemper, and some vets recommend that you wait a month or two after the pup has received all its shots before letting it be around a lot of other dogs. Shaggy Pines has no minimum age restrictions for puppies – we simply recommend that you follow your vet’s advice, whatever that may be.

***After consulting with several vets on this topic we now require all puppies to have had thier first two rounds of the 3 part distemper series before entering the park.***

My kids love dogs – why can’t children under 10 visit the park?

We’d love to be able to safely let children visit the park, but unfortunately children are at greater risk of being injured at a dog park than are older children and adults. A small child is more likely to be at a dog’s face level, and more likely to be bitten in the face if a bite occurs. Young children often run instead of walk, and scream instead of talk – these actions can cause some dogs to get overly excited. Young children sometimes have not learned that not all dogs like to be petted. Groups of large fast-running dogs can easily knock a small child down. While we at Shaggy Pines firmly believe that kids need to learn proper behavior with dogs, we feel that doing so in an area with so many large dogs is not in the child’s best interest.

Can I bring non-member people with me to the park? Is there a charge?

Member people can bring any number of non-member people with them to the park at any time; there is no charge. These non-member people are considered your guests, and you are responsible for their behavior while they are in the park. Make sure they understand and follow all park rules.

Can I bring non-member dogs with me to the park? Is there a charge? 

You may bring to the park non-member dogs along with your members dogs any time it is staffed (everyday 10a.m-6 p.m.). You will be expected to enter the park through the building and pay the day rates for the non-member dogs ($15.00) please remember to bring all required proof of vaccinations for the non-member dog. The non-member dog will also need to be temperament tested, as a member benefit you will not be charged for this screening.

I will be gone for a few days and my friend will be taking care of my dog. Can I give my friend my key card/fob and allow her to bring my dog to the park? 

Yes, you can do this, but please make sure your friend understands that the only dog she can bring to the park is your member dog (she can’t bring her non-member dog). Make sure she knows all park rules and agrees to follow them. Make sure she understands that she should not give out your key card/fob to anyone, or let anyone in the park. Make sure she understands and signs the guest liability waiver located in the clubhouse. Even though you will not be there with your friend, she will be considered your guest and you will be responsible for her behavior while in the park.

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