run 'em, wash 'em, love 'em
all in one cool place!



A unique, 20-acre private park with towering pine trees, rolling hills, and wide-open green spaces... your dogs very own 'heaven-on-earth'.


Shaggy Shuttle

We pick up your dog from your home…the dogs come to the park to run and play…then we shuttle them back home, happy and all tuckered out!


Spa Shaggy

Our luxury, do-it-yourself dog wash area makes dog bathing fun and easy! Raised tubs eliminate back strain, and we clean up the MESS.

  • * Important *

    Before your first visit to the park, we have some very important information on rules and restrictions that you must be aware of, as well as documentation of vaccinations you must bring with you. Please read carefully and call us if you have any questions. Thank You.


    Joining the Park